[Java lista] Writing a number as Hungarian words

Kristof Jozsa dyn at ond.vein.hu
2007. Dec. 5., Sze, 14:11:54 CET

Hi Brandon,

as Jozsef Keresztes, our team also developed such a small module a few years
ago, but I don't have the sources anymore. That time we did a little research
but couldn't find such an open source library, but writing one was no big deal
really. Please tell us if you found any though..


Brandon Ulrich wrote:
> Does anyone happen to know of an open-source library that converts numbers
> to words in Hungarian (and preferably a dozen other languages as well)?
> For example, calling HungarianNumberConverter.toWords(35543) would return
> "thirty-five thousand, five hundred and forty-three"...in Hungarian.
> Thanks in advance,
> Brandon

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