[Java lista] Writing a number as Hungarian words

Laszlo Erdoes lex-x at freenet.de
2007. Dec. 5., Sze, 18:47:09 CET


I wrote it 15 years ago in COBOL. But I have the code. 
That is the different between Java and COBOL. :)

But I have seen your homepage. It's a hungarian company. 
Why don't you ask your colleagues there.    

E. Laci

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Subject: [Java lista] Writing a number as Hungarian words

Does anyone happen to know of an open-source library that converts numbers
to words in Hungarian (and preferably a dozen other languages as well)?

For example, calling HungarianNumberConverter.toWords(35543) would return
"thirty-five thousand, five hundred and forty-three"...in Hungarian.

Thanks in advance,

Brandon Ulrich, bulrich at b2international.com
B2 International Ltd., http://www.b2international.com
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