[Java lista] Google Summer of Code 2007

Brandon Ulrich bulrich at b2international.com
2007. Már. 23., P, 13:58:23 CET


B2 international is active in Eclipse development, specifically the Eclipse
Open Healthcare Framework, where we have three committers. One or more of
these committers will become Eclipse mentors for the Google Summer of Code
2007 if we find anyone suitable in Budapest willing to spend the summer
coding with us. The contribution would be donated to Eclipse OHF, where it
is used by international standards bodies and governmental healthcare

Google pays students a stipend of $4500 for the program for three months of

Please contact us ASAP if you are interested, after reading through the
requirements below.


Brandon Ulrich, bulrich at b2international.com
B2 international Ltd., http://www.b2international.com
Tel +44 113 350-2594

On 3/23/07 3:10 AM, in article etv9eu$572$1 at utils.eclipse.org, "Philippe
Ombredanne" wrote:

The Google Summer of Code 2007 is on, and Eclipse in one of the org that
will participate again like in 2006.
Wayne Beaton and I are volunteers program admins.
We are actively looking for mentors and students.

Last year we had 10+ mentors and 11 students that all did a great job!

Students have an opportunity to work three months on an Eclipse related
project, and are paid a $4500 stipend by Google for that.  If you have an
Eclipse itch, now is the time to scratch it and join!

Mentors are volunteers that guide the students in their efforts.
It is a great opportunity to guide aspiring Eclipse contributors.
And if you have an Eclipse itch, you can have a student scratch it for you!

The deadline is approaching quickly : students have until March 26 to make
projects proposals.

We have a bit more time to sign up mentors.

If you are willing to participate, quick, quick, you need to visit :

You can browse for last year projects, get ideas for this year projects (and
add yours to the wiki) and get instructions on how to join!
We need your help!

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