[Java lista] Hibernate loggolas

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2009. Aug. 10., H, 08:46:50 CEST


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3.5. Logging
org.hibernate.SQL	Log all SQL DML statements as they are executed
org.hibernate.type	Log all JDBC parameters
org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl	Log all SQL DDL statements as they are executed
org.hibernate.pretty	Log the state of all entities (max 20 entities)  
associated with the session at flush time
org.hibernate.cache	Log all second-level cache activity
org.hibernate.transaction	Log transaction related activity
org.hibernate.jdbc	Log all JDBC resource acquisition
org.hibernate.hql.ast.AST	Log HQL and SQL ASTs during query parsing
org.hibernate.secure	Log all JAAS authorization requests
org.hibernate	Log everything. This is a lot of information but it is  
useful for troubleshooting



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