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Tamás Magyar magyusz at gmail.com
2009. Aug. 28., P, 10:37:44 CEST

2009/8/27 András Csányi <sayusi.ando at gmail.com>:
> 2009/8/27 Peter Verhas <peter at verhas.com>:
>> Vége a válságnak?
> Miért? Volt? ;)

Április végi hír, de témába vág:

Some IT skills see pay hikes during downturn. Java, Linux,
virtualization and business process skills among those seeing an
increase in pay. Budget dollars may be tight, but enterprise IT
departments can't do without the technology skills, talent and
certifications they need to better navigate a down economy.

Pay for Java and HTTP skills increased by 20%, while IT professionals
with PHP, SAP and Unix noncertified skills experienced a more than 14%
pay increase. Pay for various noncertified skills in virtualization
also saw an increase of more than 12%, according to the research firm.


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