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Bests, Elek Marton

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I decided to watch that trailer to  see for myself. It just seems  like it should  have  been some  straight to  dvd that parents bought for their 4 year old  to watch. I can't imagine why in the world they would think a  movie like  that would ever work in the theater.  That being said, the 7.4 rating might not be out of the question to the tune  of a 4 year old's  taste. They might, and  probably do,  love that type of shit. Of  course anyone who would come across  this movie, even seeing a 7.4 rating, would clearly understand  that it is not meant for them and move on.  Ratings that are done by people  are mostly comprised of the target audience, so people who would  think  this was shit have probably never seen  it,  or adults who have seen it are most  likely parents whose  kids watched  it  and probably liked it so  they gave it a good rating. I realize  that in your example there were a lot of fake  entries, but  that might  not always be the case. Either way, I can't  imagine that you would have  ever been duped into watching this movie after  seeing the  7.4 rating.

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